Contributing To The Red Cross

14 Jan

The most memorable tasks I completed while volunteering at the Red Cross:

1. Conducted a video interview – I was thrown into the groove of things while volunteering at the Red Cross, Southeastern Pennsylvania chapter. Lucky for me I was able to get deeply involved by assisting in a video interview with a fire victim. The interview was shot at the Red Cross House, a place fire victims go to seek help after a disaster. For lack of a better term I was a “meat puppet.” As one guy was in charge of the sound, and another in control of the camera, the interviewee focused on me. The camera guy and I went back and forth in asking questions.

2. Photographed a blood drive – During a blood drive hosted by the Red Cross I photographed the event including employees giving blood.

3. Wrote an SOP – I was given the opportunity to write a standard operations procedure stating when it is appropriate to contact each department at the Red Cross.

4. Created Facebook album – I selected photos from two events and formed albums including clever captions and crafty descriptions.


By volunteering in the Red Cross’ communications department for a few days I helped with video, photography, writing, and social media. I learned a lot in a short amount of time. Volunteering is great alternative or addition for someone who is busy juggling work, school, and an internship but still wants to help.


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